All operations on time at Bridlington Hospital

Staff look after a patient on Kent Ward
Staff look after a patient on Kent Ward

The pressure on the NHS has seen most hospitals cancel dozens of operations in recent weeks – but not at Bridlington.

Every procedure there has gone ahead as planned, while bigger sites have struggled to keep their schedules running and suffered problems with bed blocking.

Sir Greg Knight MP

Sir Greg Knight MP

Health managers say this is a testament to the staff in Bridlington, but the town’s MP claims it is proof that the building should be used more.

Sir Greg Knight told the Free Press: “I am pleased that Bridlington Hospital has carried out all its scheduled operations over this winter period despite extra pressures on services.

“At a time when some health services are being delivered in Victorian buildings, this good news gives further weight to my view that it makes sense to make far greater use of the relatively modern hospital at Bridlington.

“I have recently met with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to convey these sentiments. I will also be meeting with the chief executive of the hospital trust later this month.”

Bridlington Hospital

Bridlington Hospital

Hospital bosses have confirmed that more than 150 orthopaedic operations were carried out in December and that more than 14,000 patients have been seen at Bridlington in the past four years.

Almost half are allowed home within 24 hours of their surgery.

Bridlington Hospital has been beleaguered in recent months, with fears over the future of the minor injuries unit, the closure of Waters Ward and the planned closure of the Macmillan Wolds Unit. However, it is home to an orthopaedic ward and theatre, which management say has been crucial to keeping things running on time and has helped to ease the pressure on other sites.

Patrick Crowley, chief executive at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Relocating the service to Bridlington and creating an orthopaedic facility designed with our patients’ needs in mind has played a crucial role in helping us manage our winter pressures on the east coast.

“When we made the move, we hoped that providing the facility away from a busy acute hospital would allow us to deliver an uninterrupted service and that has proven to be the case.

“Patients can expect to come into their local hospital to have their planned operation on the day that they are booked in for.

“It means a much better experience for our patients who may be living in constant pain.

“The Bridlington service has earned a fantastic reputation in terms of both patient experience and for delivering a high quality, efficient care. This is due to the staff’s dedication and motivation, and we hope it will benefit people on the east coast for years to come.”