A quarter of Brid kids are obese

Child obesity

More than a quarter of children in some parts of Bridlington are obese by the time they start secondary school, shocking new statistics show.

Bridlington Central and Old Town has the highest proportion of overweight 11-year-olds in the East Riding, with 25.7% classed as obese.

Bridlington South is third in the list with 24.3%, although Bridlington North fares somewhat better at 19.4% which is just below the national average.

The figures appear in a report which will be presented to members of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s health and wellbeing board at a meeting on Monday.

The data is even more startling because Bridlington youngsters fare much better when they are testing at the start of primary school.

Bridlington South and Bridlington North had healthy figures for obesity well below the East Riding and national averages at 7.7% and 7.4%. The Central and Old Town ward has 8.6% of four-year-olds classed as obese, which compares well to other parts of the county.

The report says: “Where the reception year results appeared not to show any noticeable pattern in their ranking, results for Year 6 appear to have a relationship with material deprivation. Those wards with the highest prevalences of obesity are considered the most deprived in East Riding.”

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