Health network backs hospital trust merger

Dr Geoff Pearson, chairman of ERYLINk
Dr Geoff Pearson, chairman of ERYLINk
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THE East Riding’s local health involvement network has supported the move to dissolve the Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust (SNEY), which runs Bridlington Hospital.

At a meeting in Scarborough last month trust board members voted unanimously to dissolve the trust ahead of its proposed merger with York NHS Trust, which is now likely to go ahead in July.

Dr Geoffrey Pearson, chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Local Involvement Network (ERYLINk), believes that the dissolution of Scarborough Trust and the acquisition by York will be advantageous to local residents.

He said: “It can provide an improved service through the sharing of resources and facilities and investment in Bridlington Hospital, bringing appropriate services nearer to the community.

“Indeed we are already beginning to see investment in the offing at Bridlington.

“We do not believe that there is any other measure that will bring about such a beneficial solution and are concerned over what the contingency arrangement will be if this does not go ahead.”

Dr Pearson said that currently, patient and public involvement in the development of Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals is good and there is a “good system of communication” between the Trust and interested parties which have been supported through public meetings, held locally at Bridlington Spa, to keep residents updated on developments.

“We understand the historical and current financial position of SNEY but recognise that, over the past two years this has improved due to the work undertaken by the senior management of the Trust,” continued Dr Pearson.

“Additionally, concerns of local residents that the acquisition by York Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust (YFT) of SNEY will simply mean that Bridlington Hospital will be lost and they will all have to travel to York for treatment were firmly put to rest by both Mr Proctor and Sir Michael leaving residents feeling that this is a positive time for Bridlington Hospital.

“We now look forward to continuing to work with the new trust to provide even more services for local residents.”