Health equipment recycling mission

Carnaby Household Waste Recycling Centre.
Carnaby Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Carnaby Household Waste Recycling Centre is at the forefront of a recycling effort by NHS East Riding of Yorkshire’s Clinical Commissioning Group (ERY CCG).

The site on Moor Lane is one of the centres selected to take unwanted healthcare equipment for refurbishment and recycling.

The ERY CCG, working with FCC Environment, NRS Healthcare and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, has commissioned three recycling centres in the area.

The new service began last Monday (1 August) for a trial period.

All the equipment collected will be recycled and reused.

Sally Smith, clinical commissioning lead at ERY CCG, said: “NRS Healthcare is committed to recycling with a good record of recovering and reissuing equipment of around 95% overall of care equipment items.

“Previously some smaller items were not recycled as the costs of collection and cleaning is higher than the cost of replacement.

“The introduction of three new recycling centres is fantastic news, providing a more convenient way for people to dispose of smaller healthcare items they no longer use, for refurbish and recycle.”

The type of equipment that can be delivered to the centre includes: wooden bath step £8.25, bath board £8.24, crutches £5.43 to £9.24, walking sticks £2.60, dual handle leg lifter £2.90, slide sheet small £6, slide sheet medium £6.50, multi-glide slide sheet £6.75, tubular glide sheet £7.65, sensory equipment liquid level indicator £6.29, raised toilet seats £5.50, back support £9.85, bath seat £10.30, shower board £10.59, Zimmer frames £11.47, folding bed cradle £10.05, wooden transfer board £10, perching stool £18.25, trolley £20.80, heel pads £12.50, elbow pads £12.50, combi seat and frame £18.80, static commode £17.50, toilet frame £12.98.

If the equipment costs more than £50 residents can get their items picked up by NRS Healthcare.

The organisation can be contacted by calling 03448 936375.