Headlands School pupils love their smart new uniform

Deputy head Kent Walmsley pictured with Headlands School pupils in their new uniforms. (PA1238-1)
Deputy head Kent Walmsley pictured with Headlands School pupils in their new uniforms. (PA1238-1)

IT WAS back to school with a difference at the start of the new term at Headlands School, as they introduced their smart new school uniform.

Pupils at the school returned to their classes last week wearing their new 
uniforms of black jumpers or cardigans with the Headlands logo and a striped tie with different coloured stripes – yellow, red, blue and purple – representing the four different houses in the school.

Headlands say they have had lots of positive comments from the local 
community, parents and the students themselves, who feel it is much more “grown-up”.

Deputy head teacher at Headlands, Kent Walmsley, said: “Through the student council, we asked students for their ideas about how they would like to change the uniform.

“Most students wanted ties and a jumper and some wanted a blazer.

“We then gave them some options and the whole school, students and staff, were given the chance to vote for their choice.

“The new uniform was a very clear choice for most students. We also gave parents a chance to comment through the school website.”

Comments from pupils on the old Headlands uniform – a grey jumper and polo shirt – were less than positive, but most love the new choice.

Year 7 pupil Sophie Bonnett said: “I think it is really smart and the different colour ties show which House people are in, we also look good.”

Ben Wolgate, a Year 8 pupil, said: “I like how the ties show up in assembly and we look brilliant.”

Mr Walmsley continued: “The students were consulted and they were very clear that they would like a different coloured tie to represent each house, as this would help to build the house team identity.

“We were keen to make sure the cost of the uniform was kept low so we decided not to include a blazer and have the jumper and tie as the only Headlands specific item.

“The shirt, trousers and shoes are available from a variety of high street and online outlets.

“We are very proud of how smart our students look and the excellent start they have made to the year.”

A competition to design the ties was held during tutor time, with Stephanie Bayes, now in Year 11, designing the winning choice.