Happy anniversary to Bridlington's Pat and Tony!

Pat and Tony Calpin are today celebrating 60 years glorious years together.
Pat and Tony Calpin are today celebrating 60 years glorious years together.

The secret to a long, happy marriage may finally have been revealed by a couple whose enduring romance today passed the 60-year mark.

Pat and Tony Calpin, of Headlands Close, say “pulling your own weight” and “working at it” are key to making a marriage last.

And they should know, for today (Thursday March 23), Pat, 79 and Tony, 82, are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

Though they don’t quite know what celebrations are in store, their daughters have assured them that a number of surprises are planned.

Pat and Tony retired to Bridlington from Yorkshire where they both worked for Rowntrees – but they first met at a much younger age.

“I used to go to school with his cousin, so I met him through family,” said Pat, 79.

“I didn’t meet him until I was about 12 or 13 – we lived on the same street.

“When he came out of the army, after doing his national service in 1955, I met him again at his family’s house in 1955.”

And together, the couple have shared countless happy memories over more than half a century.

Working at Rowntrees, Pat worked in the ‘box mill’, creating “fancy boxes”, while Tony’s career saw him progress into the engineering side of candy creation.

Pat and Tony went on to have three children, five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

They decided to down-size from where they were living in York and retired to Bridlington – to enjoy the rolling beaches and stunning vistas of the bay.

“It’s also a lot quieter than York, there’s just one downfall and that is that there is not many shops!” Pat said.

Now well into their golden years, Pat says their 60 years together has flown by.

And sharing their secret to making a marriage last, Pat added: “You just have to work at it.

“When you have a family and are bringing them up time just goes that quickly.

“We both pulled out own weight and got on with it!”