Happy 65th anniversary

Randsdale Hotel'65th Wedding anniversary Olive  Jack Ward'PA1103-13
Randsdale Hotel'65th Wedding anniversary Olive Jack Ward'PA1103-13

A WARTIME romance has stood the test of time for Bridlington couple Olive and Jack Ward who recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.

When the Second World War broke out, Jack, now 97, joined the Wilshire regiment 2nd battalion and served his country all over Europe and the Far East.

It was during the armed forces regrouping after the evacuation from Dunkirk that he met Olive in Leeds and their romance held firm whilst Jack continued to serve his country.

The couple were married in Leeds on January 19, 1946, and retired to Bridlington in 1977 where Olive became involved in many community schemes and charitable causes.

She was instrumental in establishing the 16 – 60 club for senior citizens, which involved working with Headlands School to bring the older community in touch with the students.

Olive, who celebrated her 89th birthday the day before her anniversary, also joined Friends of the Elderly in 2001 and became a Trustee of the organisation in 2002 supporting the scheme membership to develop.

The couple marked their landmark anniversary with friends and family before a second celebration with members of Friends of the Elderly who met at the Ransdale Hotel last week and presented the happy couple with a special cake.