Happy 100th Kath!

Matson Court'Kathleen Thompson 100 years old'PA1124-3
Matson Court'Kathleen Thompson 100 years old'PA1124-3

TWO World Wars, women winning the right to vote and the Titanic disaster are among the major historical events to have happened during Kath Thompson’s lifetime.

For Kath recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

A party was thrown at her Matson Court home where family and friends gathered to celebrate the landmark birthday on June 11 and Kath proudly displayed her cards from The Queen and from Prime Minister David Cameron.

Born in Hull, Kath spent four years living in America as a teenager before returning to her home town where she worked as a hairdresser.

She moved to Bridlington’s Matson Court nine years ago and warden Val Hodgson, who has known her for seven years, described Kath as an ‘absolutely wonderful’ person.

Val said: “She still manages to get about.She used to have a little terrier called Bobby and up until he died two years ago, she would take him out for a walk three or four times a day, which is amazing really, and I think that has helped her stay so healthy.

“She is really marvellous for her age and is as bright as a button.”

Kath has a son and a daughter, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and when asked what the secret to her longevity is, she replied simply, ‘luck!’