Graffiti art is looking good

Funk Doctors ps1203-23'Funk Doctors Art Exhibition'Bobby Pickersgill, Eddie McConville, Rick Pickersgill
Funk Doctors ps1203-23'Funk Doctors Art Exhibition'Bobby Pickersgill, Eddie McConville, Rick Pickersgill

A ONE of a kind graffiti art exhibition has been hailed a success by organisers, after more than 250 people attended its opening night at the Spa.

TheFunkDoctors show at Gallery@TheSpa, the first exhibition of graffiti art in Bridlington and one of the first in Yorkshire, opened on January 16 and runs until Sunday 29.

It has seen around 20 artists from around the county come and display their work - which can range from canvas, stencilling, large scale art pieces and even graffiti’d furniture.

Rick Pickersgill, 27, was first interested in graffiti art as a teenager in Leeds before he moved to Bridlington.

He decided to launch the exhibition alongside his brother Bobby, and spent months putting the work together.

“It is looking absolutely fantastic. We knew we would have a few people turning up but we didn’t know how many,” he said.

“A lot of different artists have brought their work along and the whole thing has come together really well. We’ve had some good feedback so far and we hope people come along, enjoy the art and buy a few pieces.”

Rick gave a talk to children at Bay Primary School about his art on Tuesday, and donated a large canvas work to the school.

Eddie McConville, 25, is a childhood friend of Rick’s and got into graffiti art at around the same time, when he was around 13 years old.

“This exhibition is about getting the word out there for people.

“Graffiti art is seen as controversial, as it started from illegally painting walls, but when you see the different types of things here it shows that there are people out there with the talent,” said Eddie.

“Obviously a lot of people might have been out there painting in the past, but now this is legitimising the art and we want to get something out of it.”

17-year-old Tom Sledmore, of York, first got into graffiti art around 3 years ago.

“I got into it through a local skate park near to where I live, and it has just gone from there.

“Every time I went there, there was a new piece of graffiti and I wanted to start having a go myself.

“I do character graffiti art. I tried the letters but it wasn’t for me. There are a lot of different things you can do.”

Tom currently studies art at college, but says it has little effect on his graffiti.

“It doesn’t really cross over. I learn about all different genres and techniques at college, but graffiti art is the way I like to express myself.”