‘Ghost’ photos bring war past back to life

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A group of historians has brought war time Bridlington to life in a series of dramatic pictures depicting bombed-out locations in the town.

Andy Gwynne, 49, of Hull, had orignally planned to focus only on Hull’s experiences in the First and Second World Wars, but soon branched out into investigating the rest of the county when photraphs and information came “creeping in.”

Andy who is a member of the Hull and East Riding at War group, said: “The pictures really strike a chord with people. But there is a shortage of images in places like Bridlington.

“When I watch something on TV about the blitz, Hull and East Yorkshire are never mentioned. It’s always London or somewhere else. Hull was actually the second largest town bombed during the Second World War. I’m trying to get that message out.”

Andy said he is now appealing to people for pictures and information dating back to Bridlington in World War Two.

He added: “I’ve been doing this for four years now. Our website originally started as Hull During the War, but we found information and pictures were creeping outside its boundaries.

“We like to look at the bigger. We want to expand and Matt Francis who finds the Bridlington pictures, is doing his best - but without the 
information coming in to him.”

The group are now calling on anyone who can help them in their search for war time Bridlington photographs and information.

If you would like to contribute to the Hull and East Riding at War group you can contact Andy on the team@hullandeastridingatwar.co.uk, or follow them on twitter @HullandERatWar.