Get stuffed! Chef hits back at food police

Beverley chef Nigel Brown
Beverley chef Nigel Brown

Beverley chef Nigel Brown has decided that it’s time to rebel against the food police, heading up a national campaign Twitter called #Eat WhatYouLike.

This is a national campaign that supports the consumption of all that we enjoy to eat and drink that the Government, medical experts and celebrity chefs deem bad for us as individuals and as a nation.

Photo Neil Cross'Jamie Oliver with his pizza oven

Photo Neil Cross'Jamie Oliver with his pizza oven

Nigel is biting back after Jamie Oliver’s recent sugar tax campaign to add to the list of food and drinks that we are being constantly told not to eat or drink, from butter and cream to sugar and wine, chocolate and chips.

TV chef Oliver admitted he “expected a kicking” from the food and drink lobby.

Nigel has created this campaign to encourage people to stop listening to what we are being dictated to eat or not eat and drink. His intention is to campaign for the nation to eat and drink as they wish and enjoy their lives to the full.

Nationally, there is always an emphasis on the NHS and the so-called breaking point of its existence if the nation continues to consume as we are doing now. Obesity seems to be the scare-mongery term of the decade.

Nigel believes he represents the majority opinion of the UK public population, he is passionate about this issue and will vigorously campaign on behalf or the nation.

Freedom of food choices is now in the spotlight and public domain – #EatWhatYouLike is the nation biting back.

Nigel said: “What will be will be, just know your limits and don’t be governed by those who don’t know you.

“Life’s far too short to worry about having the food police breathing down our necks 24/7. Eat, drink and be happy.

“I do and I am.”

Nigel was born in Bridlington in June 1966, the youngest son of parents who have spent a lifetime in the Hotel and Catering industry.

It is not surprising that Nigel, having grown up in this environment, should follow in their footsteps.

From his teenage years, Nigel spent much of his time learning the ropes at their family restaurant, then known as The Four Winds, a sizeable conference and banqueting centre near Driffield.

His formal catering training started when at 16 and included a year at Beverley College. To support the campaign go to Twitter and follow @nigelbrownchef then tweet @nigelbrownchef #EatWhatYouLike I’m a supporter.