Frustration at Brid shop’s scooter ban

David Bould on his mobility scooter outside the Yorkshire Trading Company store in Bridlington. (PA1319-1)
David Bould on his mobility scooter outside the Yorkshire Trading Company store in Bridlington. (PA1319-1)

A Bridlington mobility scooter user has spoken of his frustration after being told he can no longer use a town centre shop.

David Bould, 62, of Curlew Grove, was told last Friday by staff at Yorkshire Trading Company on Prospect Street that store policy means his scooter - and other large roadworthy scooters - is banned from the shop.

A spokesperson for the company say that due to past incidents, they have had a policy “for some time” which prohibits the use of large mobility scooters.

Former police officer Mr Bould, who lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident, said: “I have been in the shop dozens of times in the past and nobody has ever mentioned a thing to me. I am an amputee and I would find it too difficult to walk around the store. I depend on my scooter to be able to get round and do my shopping, so I was quite disappointed and frustrated to find that I can no longer go in the shop.

“I was told that if I wanted something the staff, who have always been very friendly, would go and get it for me. But you can’t have a look round at what you want.

“There are a lot of people in Bridlington that use scooters. I can imagine that there can sometimes be problems, but I had a class 1 driving license and I am quite sure I can control my scooter. A blanket prohibition is completely the wrong decision.”

A spokesperson for the company said that while they understood the policy made it difficult for some scooter users, a number of factors had led to the decision.

They said: “It is not a new policy, we have always had to restrict them. We have had a number of incidents at different stores where customers have had their feet ran over, and on one occasion one of our managers was actually ran down by them. Because of this, we had to reluctantly take the decision to stop some scooters coming in to our stores.

“The policy only applies to the larger scooters, the smaller ‘shopper’ scooters are still fine to use. We always offer our shoppers a runner to get their items for them and while it isn’t ideal, our staff are always more than happy to help where they can.”