Free parking being '˜abused'

Instead of working out at the gym, too many people have been working out how to get free parking at Bridlington's new leisure centre.

Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 11:36 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:59 am
East Riding Leisure Bridlington

‘Regular abuse’ of the system has forced managers to re-think how they police the car park to ensure genuine customers have more chance of finding a space.

Adam Mainprize, senior facility manager at East Riding Leisure Bridlington, said: “We are introducing changes to the way in which centre users can claim their free parking from Monday, April 3.

“Unfortunately, the previous system for parking, when we offered all members and customers free parking for a limited period, has been abused by a minority of people who have not been using the centre.

How easy is it to find a parking spot?

“These changes will mean a higher chance of spaces being available in the 126-space car park for our members and customers.”

The nearest other council car park, at Beaconsfield, has been closed for several months ahead of work to build a Premier Inn on the site.

But leisure centre customers can use the Flamborough Road car park, which is a five-minute walk away.

Members need to join the virtual parking scheme, which sees their numberplates registered, to continue to enjoy free parking.

How easy is it to find a parking spot?

Visitors using the pool or the climbing wall will need to pay for parking at the machine and bring the voucher part to reception to receive a reduction on their activity.

People just going to the cafe will get a discount on purchases over £5, while staff are writing to clubs and people who have swimming lessons to explain how the new system applies to them.

○ We asked on the Free Press Facebook page what you thought of the parking situation at the centre.

Terry Malloy said: “Same old story. Give people something for nothing and they will still try to fiddle it.”

Stephen Brown said: “126 parking spaces is still insufficient for this busy centre but this should at least make it easier to park, until Summer arrives of course.”

Gareth Roberts said: “Constantly see people parking there, getting a free parking pass from the machine, then walking off to town with their shopping bags.”