Former policeman’s anger over Bridlington traffic warden smash

Michael Makey's car was damaged by a council traffic warden's van.
Michael Makey's car was damaged by a council traffic warden's van.
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A FORMER police officer has expressed his anger after his car was crashed into by a minibus driven by a council traffic warden.

Michael Makey, 69, had parked his new Toyota Avensis car outside the Marine Bar in North Marine Drive and was enjoying a coffee outside when he saw an East Riding of Yorkshire Council minibus reverse out of a parking space across the road and into the side of his car.

The accident left a bill of around £2,000 in damage to his car and the costs of having to rent another.

Mr Makey, of Milford Avenue, said: “The traffic warden driving was being watched out by another traffic warden, part way across the road the vehicle stopped and it was then boarded by this other traffic warden.

“The driver then continued to reverse it and increased his speed banging into the side of my car which was virtually lifted off its wheels.”

Mr Makey, a police officer for 29 years in East Lancashire who retired to Bridlington around seven years ago, said he had “steam coming out of his ears” when he saw the incident, which happened at 12.10pm on Sunday July 22, and said that he had to chase after the minibus to ensure it stopped.

“Both traffic wardens looked at each other and spoke but neither looked towards us.

“At this point I thought they were going to stop but the driver continued his maneouvre straightened his vehicle up and began to drive off towards the town centre,” he continued.

“At this point I left my seat and ran after them shouting for them to stop. The drivers window was open and he shouted, ‘Oh it was your car then.’

“He said he would turn round and stop, which he did and I pointed out to him the possible offences he may have committed.”

Mr Makey continued: “The whole incident was witnessed by others sat outside the Marine Bar who were all of the opinion that this driver was not going to stop without my intervention and believed he was driving without due care.”

John Skidmore, head of streetscene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The council can confirm that one of its vehicles was involved in a minor traffic collision with Mr Makey’s car on Sunday, July 22.

“Officers stopped at the scene, apologised to Mr Makey and exchanged relevant details.

“Both parties have referred the matter to their insurance companies and the claim is being progressed with both vehicles now repaired.”

Mr Makey said he approached Humberside Police and was given an incident number, but he was 
unhappy that police told him that no offences had been committed.

He continued: “At the end of the day had I not seen this happen and caught the offender I was going to 
either lose my no claims bonus or face a massive repair bill.”