‘Foolish’ barmaid caught red-handed

Demi Taylor, 18 of Flamborough Road, Bridlington at Hull Crown Court
Demi Taylor, 18 of Flamborough Road, Bridlington at Hull Crown Court

A barmaid who broke into a neighbour’s kitchen was caught red-handed looking for things to steal.

Demi Taylor, 18, climbed through an open window and was heard crashing about inside the kitchen in Flamborough Road, Bridlington, when a woman demanded: “What are you doing in my house?”

Taylor made an excuse and fled only to be arrested and charged with burglary. Rather than face up to her crimes the Bridlington barmaid fled to Leeds, only to be arrested when she didn’t attend court.

Taylor, of Flamborough Road, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to burglary when she appeared at Hull Crown Court (Monday May 16).

The court heard she had four convictions for shop theft and a warning for stealing from shops and entering a house.

Crown barrister Paul Genney said the woman told Taylor to leave at around 12.25pm on September 28 2015.

He said she had initially denied the offence and elected a trial before disappearing to Leeds. The court heard she had fallen in with friends who were taking M-Cat and heroin.

Defence barrister Dale Brook said: “She had been living in Bridlington. She got involved with a woman and got herself in a mess. She had moved to Leeds and got employment and buried her head in the sand. Because she is young and immature she did not realise the implications.

“I accept there are some unattractive periods in her convictions. I am asking you not to send her to prison.”

Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, told Taylor: “I am very indulgent to young people who commit mistakes, but not those who brazen it out. I don’t think you have been facing up to reality.

“You have been a very foolish woman.”

He gave her a 12-month community order and 170 hours of unpaid work.