Follow the new trail at Flamborough Head

WALKING around Flamborough Head is now even more enjoyable and informative thanks to the introduction of a heritage storyboard project.

Nine colourful information boards have been dotted around the headland trail each with a different theme, including seabirds, marine wildlife, geology and fishing.

Their content has been gathered through extensive consultation with those who know best – the local experts and residents.

The project, launched last week, was initiated by the Flamborough Head Environmental Assets Group and funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Alongside the storyboard project, a new website has been launched which provides a hub of information on the headland’s heritage.

Through the website, you can also download suggested walking trails which will take you past some of the storyboards and even enables users to download podcasts of local experts and the stories of Flamborough Head to listen to while walking the trails.

Katherine Gray, Flamborough Head project officer, said: “This is a really exciting project, which was developed through a variety of different groups all working together, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the input of the local community. The project was designed to be very interactive, especially through the use of the walking trails and podcasts.

“I hope it will get a lot of people thinking about Flamborough Head and why it is so special.”

The group behind the project is composed of partners from East Riding Council, the Cranedale Centre, Flamborough Bird Observatory, Natural England, North Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, the RSPB and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

For more information about the storyboards, and to download the podcasts, visit