‘Fly-tippers need harsher punishments’

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A parish councillor is calling for stricter penalties to be imposed on people who dump waste in and around “Hockney country”.

Councillor John Daniels, of Carnaby Sticks, says he is “sick” of fly-tippers leaving mountains of domestic and building waste at Woldgate,especially along Church Gate.

He said: “Following Carnaby Parish litter pick weekend where more than 50 large bags of roadside litter were filled, Carnaby Parish Council have been taking measures to identify the fly-tippers.”

While driving along Church Lane near Carnaby he came across a large amount of domestic waste that had been left at the side of the road underneath a ‘CCTV operates in this area’ sign.

Cllr Daniels added: “The latest tip has been identified and will shortly be in the legal system.”

It comes after a Bridlington woman was fined £30 for fly-tipping at the rear of her house. But Cllr Daniels believes this is not enough and higher penalties should be imposed to deter the litter louts.

He said: “The council say there is a maximum fine of £50,000, so why was this individual only given a £30 fine?”

A spokesperson for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “Fly tipping is a problem in this area, blighting the countryside and costing the authority – and therefore our council tax payers – money from our already stretched budgets to clear it up where it occurs.

“In common with other local authorities, we use various methods to investigate fly tipping, which can include the use of security cameras.

“We would remind householders of their duty of care as to the appropriate disposal of their waste.”