Flood warning for Bridlington - expect large and powerful waves

Bridlington seafront could be hit by flooding
Bridlington seafront could be hit by flooding

A flood warning has been issued for the area around Bridlington harbour over the next 36 hours.

The Environment Agency says 'large and powerful waves are expected to overtop sea defences as a result of high spring tides and strong winds'.

It says flooding is possible around high tides, which are at 2am on Tuesdaym 2.40pm on Tuesday afternoon and 2.45am on Wednesday.

A statement said: "People should take care near coastal paths and promenades.

"We are closely monitoring the situation and have workers in the field to relay information and assist the emergency services and local authority.

"This message will be updated as the situation changes. Please stay aware of your surroundings and do not put yourself at risk. If you have a flood plan, please act on it."

A less serious flood alert has been issued for the whole of the coastline from Flamborough down to Skipsea.