Flamborough sword dance tradition continues

The Flamborough Long Sword Dancers.
The Flamborough Long Sword Dancers.

A FESTIVE tradition was upheld this year with the annual performance by the Flamborough Longsword Dancers on Boxing Day.

Last week crowds gathered in Flamborough to see the historic art of longsword dancing and to raise £456 for Flamborough Junior School.

Each year the dancers tour the village pubs performing outside each one for charity, culminating in a performance in Dog and Duck Square.

The performance followed a morning cheering on the Boxing Day dippers, who braved the cold sea in aid of Flamborough Pre-school.

Dancers range from the age of 17, and pupils from a village school also joined the group for the Boxing Day performance.

Richard Traves, 73, of the Flamborough Longsword Dancers, said: “The kids steal the show and they do enjoy it. It was a wonderful turn out and the weather way good to us.

“It is Flamborough’s own dance - it is unique. We kept it going because it is our own tradition.”

A special performance was given outside the home of long-time sword dance supporter, Violet Dowse, and the dancers completed two renditions in the village square.

The dance has been taught for many years in the village’s schools and lessons are still given - the youngest sword dancer is 17.

Longsword dancing is found across Yorkshire but the Flamborough Longsword dancing is unique to the village. It is kept alive by residents who turn out to support the tradition.