Flamborough’s Irn Bru queen has still got it!

Eunice Hooley from  18 Marine Valley North Landing Flamborough'NBFP PA1524-6h
Eunice Hooley from 18 Marine Valley North Landing Flamborough'NBFP PA1524-6h

There are few people who can claim a life-time as varied and rich than 91-year-old Eunice Hooley.

Sifting several bags full of photographs, letters and scrapbooks, the near-centenarian who resides at Flamborough is more than keen to share her experiences as an actor, musician, entertainer and most notably - a poster girl.

“I’ve been in loads of television programmes,” says Eunice. “I’ve been in Eastenders, Sherlock Holmes, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Crown Court, Sons and Lovers and loads more.”

Eunice’s entrance to the world of showbiz had its origins in 1930s Beighton, Sheffield.

“I was only around three. I would go to the fishmongers and the man who owned it asked me to do my little performance.

“I would sing Jack and Jill and when I got to the part where Jill came tumbling down, I would jump off the chair I was stood on and frighten the customers!”

In her teens Eunice took up the accordion after she was inspired by a musician playing the instrument at a show.

It wasn’t long before she was head-hunted to play in an accordionist band which travelled the country playing at prestigious events.

Her performances would combine elements of comedy into them, which technically made Eunice and actor.

“A friend of mine told me to join the Equity Trade Union in the 70s, and from there I made appearances in loads of different shows.

“I always played a funny or eccentric character. I think they chose me for those roles because I love to make people laugh.”

In addition to her successful career as a supporting actress in some of television’s best known programmes, Eunice’s face was at one point plastered all over the country as part of an Irn-Bru marketing campaign.

“I was contacted by Equity who were looking for a funny character to appear in the Irn-Bru adverts. I didn’t know I was going to be all over these billboards. They gave me a costume to put on which made me look like an Italian grandmother. I said I wasn’t going to do it! I said ‘you want funny? I’ll give you funny’, then I blew the trumpet really hard.

“They took the picture without me knowing and sent me home!”