Flamborough crafter’s business is sew successful

Angie Fisher from Flamborough set up her own hand made doll business from home.
Angie Fisher from Flamborough set up her own hand made doll business from home.

A doll maker’s fledgling business is enjoying great success with dozens of orders flooding in from as far away as Australia.

Angie Fisher, 49, of Hartendale Close, Flamborough, started sewing her distinctive Teacup Tots dolls around a year ago and posted the results on her Facebook page.

The orders quickly started rolling in and she was soon snowed under with over 50 requests for the cuddly creations.

She said: “It is a little bit overwhelming actually. I have been quite shocked, surprised and touched.

“I had a heart attack two years ago, after it I was really low and it was my husband and daughter who said to me go back and sew.

“To be able to sell my dolls from little old me in Flamborough to somebody in New York, I think that is the biggest thing for me. The response to them on Facebook has been phenomenal.”

Angie, who has been sewing for 35 years, makes her Teacup Tots from a cabin in her garden, spending roughly three days on each doll.

She devised idea for the dolls over the course of a year and even based one blonde-haired tot on her daughter.

“When my daughter was born I bought her lots of rag dolls, and then I started making baby dolls with cribs and all sorts for them and my daughter absolutely loved them,” explained Angie.

She now has a variety of colourful dolls in a whole range of outfits, and with orders coming in from all over the world including the Netherlands, France, America and Australia the future for Teacup Tots looks bright. To find Angie’s creations online, visit Facebook and type in Teacup Tots into the search bar.