First marina plans laid bare

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Harbour Commissioners have vowed to finally make the marina a reality
The East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Harbour Commissioners have vowed to finally make the marina a reality

Plans for the long-awaited marina have been revealed and officials hope it will usher in a new age of prosperity and regeneration to Bridlington.

The document shows in detail plans to bring the site into the 21st century, unveiling a range of new facilities and developments to further enhance the harbour area.

Although subject to planning permission and further deliberations, it is hoped the new harbour and marina will include:
•The new marina with berthing space for circa 250 leisure vessels
• A new main south pier and an extension to the north pier
• Improved facilities for the town’s fishing fleet, including vessel maintenance and storage facilities
• Enhanced arrangements for the town’s pleasure boat operators
• Space for firms involved in the maintenance of the offshore wind energy installations to operate
• Additional quayside space for operational use, as well as for potential hotel, commercial, leisure residential and car parking development.

It comes after the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Harbour Commissioners reached “an understanding” on the harbour’s future.

It follows years of quarreling and disagreement between the two organisations.

But the parties have now entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to reflect the commitment of the parties to work together to deliver the proposal.

The Memorandum of Understanding is a written agreement that sets out how the council and commissioners will work together to develop the scheme.

Chris Wright, chairman of Bridlington Harbour Commissioners, said: “We are committed to working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and look forward to reaching an agreement and finalising development plans for a scheme which will enhance and regenerate the area by bringing up-to-date commercial and leisure facilities and will be benefit to the wider community of Bridlington.

The council’s head of planning and development, Pete Ashcroft, has been appointed to the newly-created post of director of the Yorkshire Harbour and Marina Project, in which he will work more closely with the commissioners.

He said: “I’m very excited to be taking up this new role and look forward to working with all our partners to develop the Yorkshire Harbour and Marine plans further, identify and secure additional funding and subsequently start work on this multi-million-pound project, which will bring benefits to Bridlington for decades to come.”

A national contractor is to be appointed to review the present outline design and it is expected that design work alone will take around two years to complete.