Fire safety procedures to be reviewed at Ebor House

Ebor House
Ebor House

The company which runs Ebor House in Bridlington says it will be reviewing fire safety procedures at all its properties, following the horrific fatal blaze at a tower block in London last night.

Together Housing Group has issued a statement this afternoon, which said: “Together Housing Group, like everyone in the housing sector, were horrified to hear of the fire in a London high rise tower block last night and our thoughts are with all those affected, their friends and their families.

“Together Housing maintain a number of high rise blocks in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester in which fire safety is taken extremely seriously.

“We work in partnership with our colleagues in the local fire services and with professional fire risk assessors to make sure our procedures reflect best practice and are kept up-to-date.

“We would like to reassure all our tenants and nearby residents that we are confident that everything possible is done to ensure that they are protected and kept safe.

“We are, however, as a precaution, double checking all of our procedures today and, over the coming weeks, will be re-issuing our fire safety advice to tenants.

“We would ask that, in the meantime, they take note of the procedures in their accommodation and contact us immediately if they are concerned or want that advice to be re-issued.

“In the coming months we expect there will be much reflection on the cause and response to the fire in London. We will be paying close attention to that and reacting to any lessons learned to modify our procedures if required and will advise tenants if we do this.”