Filming in Old Town

THE TV spotlight is again about to fall on Bridlington's historic Old Town as film-makers get ready to feature one of its oldest houses in a period drama.

The Yorkshire TV film, starring Martin Kemp, will tell the story of George Joseph Smith, the Brides in the Bath murderer and filming is due to start next month.

The setting is late Ewardian and number 45 High Street, say the film's location scouts, is ideal for interior and exterior shots.

Their choice has delighted Bridlington's Lords Feoffees who bought the property with its double fronted bow windows in the 60s with the aim of preserving it for the future.

For many years it was used as a shop with living accommodation above, but the house, which originally dated back to 1693, has been rebuilt at least three times in the past, at one time by the father of Bridlington's famous architect William Kent who lived there as a boy. It was also owned for a time by Lewis Carroll's brother. From 1864-93 the large front room on the first floor was the meeting room for the Local Board.

It has had a number of retail uses, but in recent years proved too large for most tenants.When the lease expired last year it provided the opportunity for the Lords Feoffees to refurbish the property. They decided to turn it into a lock up shop, cottage and masonette, and preserve its best qualities.

"At the moment the inside of the shop is just a shell, which is ideal for the flimmakers.

They will dress the inside, and they are going to paint the outside of the bow windows brown to match the period, but they won't have to put it all back as it was when they have finished," said Sally Bell of the Lords Feoffees office.

Work on number 45 should be completed after filming and it will be on the market for tenants in mid July.

Filming for the new drama will also use locations in Filey and Scarborough.