Festival set for 1940s makeover

Old Town will once again travel back in time to another age
Old Town will once again travel back in time to another age

Bridlington’s Old Town is to enjoy a trip down memory lane, taking full advantage of the Dad’s Army movie having been filmed in the town.

Historic Old Town will be once again transformed into Walmington-on-Sea, after the newly appointed chairman of Bridlington Old Town Association, David Hinde, announced plans to introduce a 1940s theme for the Summer Festival.

Old Town Summer Festival 2015

Old Town Summer Festival 2015

David said: “We have so much to offer here in the Bridlington Old Town.

“We have great heritage including our 900 year old Priory Church,the ancient Baylegate now an interactive museum and of course a fabulous High Street chosen by the Film Producers to recreate Walmington –on –Sea.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors and 1940’s enthusiasts for our event to be held on June 12 2016.

“We have worked hard at the Old Town Association to get this off the ground.”

Th Association is also hoping to arrange a Battle of Britain flypast, by Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers, but David said this is yet to be confirmed.

“I am working closeley with an RAF officer to apply for this. We have to get the application in soon if it’s going to happen.”

Other activities, events and things to look forward to will include a concert to be held at the Priory Church on Saturday 12 Jun, military vehivles on show and even a George Formby tribute act on the Sunday.

The event will take inspiration from similar festivities which already take place in other parts of Yorkshire, including Pickering’s 1940s and Wartime Weekend, who Bridlington Old Town Association say they have sought advice from.

However the usual Old Town Summer Festival events are still to take place, including plenty of market stalls, parades, food and music.