Fatal fall among rescue call outs

A rescue team member from the seaking helicopter is winched down to help the man at Flamborough Cliffs. (picture by George Kay)
A rescue team member from the seaking helicopter is winched down to help the man at Flamborough Cliffs. (picture by George Kay)

RESCUE teams were called out to a fatal fall at Flamborough cliffs, had to save a family stranded by the tide and scoured dark clifftops for an ill man in Thornwick Bay.

The fatal incident involved an elderly man, believed to be from Scarborough and aged 79, who had fallen down the cliffs at North Landing in Flamborough last Thursday evening.

Police, paramedics, the coastguard team, Flamborough RNLI and the RAF Sea King Search and Rescue helicopter rushed to the scene at around 6.48pm and the man was airlifted to Hull Royal Infirmary but sadly died of his injuries.

Andrew Shipley, station officer of the Bridlington Coastal Rescue Team, said: “There was access to him from below and he was attended to by paramedics.

“CPR was conducted straightaway, but I gather that he was unresponsive.

“The CPR was continued throughout his evacuation and his transport to Hull, but sadly I believe he was dead on arrival.”

On Saturday afternoon a family of four had a lucky escape when they were rescued by the Sea King helicopter after being cut off by the tide between Bridlington and Skipsea.

The family, which included a four-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl, were at the base of cliffs at Ulrome Sands when the rapidly advancing tide left them stranded.

The Sea King was alerted at about 2.50pm and coastguard teams from Skipsea and Hornsea also responded to the incident which saw the family winched to safety by the helicopter crew.

The helicopter could not land at Ulrome so it brought the family to the coastguard station on Lime Kiln Lane, before the foursome, who were uninjured, were taken back to their accommodation by the Hornsea coastguard team.

A third incident came in the early hours of Sunday morning when the Bridlington coastguard team received a report of a man with a medical condition who had walked off along the cliffs at Thornwick Bay after arguing with his partner.

The man, in his twenties, was found by the Bridlington coastguard team after 1.30am and was said to be in a ‘distressed’ state.

Mr Shipley explained: “We thought that we were responding to a fall, but actually we had a young gentleman in a distressed state as a result of an altercation with his partner.

“He didn’t actually fall, but got to the point where he almost did and frightened himself.”

Mr Shipley said that the man was staying at a holiday camp and had got lost in the cliffs in the dark.

“He did have a medical condition which was exacerbated by the fright that he had.

“It was a very close call, he was very close to the edge of the cliff.”

The man was given first aid by the coastguard team who stayed with him until an ambulance arrived from Hull which then took him on to Scarborough Hospital.

Mr Shipley added: “It was a pretty full-on effort emotionally, given the time of day and the fact that the man was staying in a holiday camp and did not know the area – he was in a pretty precarious position.

“Although he had not actually fallen anywhere, he was in a distressed state.”

Aside from the three incidents, Mr Shipley said that overall the weekend had been relatively quiet for the rescue teams considering the number of people on the beach due to the good weather and the fact that it was the first weekend of the school Easter holidays.