Farmer: 'Why I shot two dogs'

Other pictures seen by the Free Press were to graphic for publication
Other pictures seen by the Free Press were to graphic for publication

The friend of a farmer who shot two dogs said it was a “decision taken under extreme circumstances” while they attacked his sheep.

The unnamed man said the farmer had “no choice” in shooting the animals because they had already badly injured a number of the livestock.

One of the dogs, a collie, was killed as a result and another was badly injured after they escaped on to the farmer’s field near Bempton Lane and began attacking his sheep.

His friend said: “The dogs have been chased off the land on more than one occasion. The black dog was really vicious. They had horrifically injured the throat of one of the sheep and badly injured the face of another.

“On this occasion he had to shoot the dogs, they were savaging the sheep.

“There were 53 sheep in the field and they were all in lamb.”

Although he said he has sympathy with the owners, the farmer is urging others to make sure their animals are kept under control .

The farmer added he had been upset by posts on social media which he believes have portrayed him in an unfair light.

His friend added: “At the end of the day, dogs will do what dogs do.

“The responsibility is with the owners to make sure their dogs are kept under control.”

The Free Press tried contacting the dogs’ owner but received no response.

Farmers are entitled by law to kill dogs on their land that they believe are worrying their livestock.

Humberside Police were notified of the incident on Sunday but are not taking any action against the farmer.

Official guidance given to dog owner by the National Sheep Association is to keep your dog on a lead in areas where sheep graze, or to avoid them all together.