Fairways care home in need of improvement

The Fairways'119 Cardigan Road, Bridlington YO15 3LP'Needs improvement'NBFP PA1531-7
The Fairways'119 Cardigan Road, Bridlington YO15 3LP'Needs improvement'NBFP PA1531-7

A Bridlington care home has been told it requires improvement following an inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

An unannounced inspection of Fairways care home in Cardigan Road, Bridlington took place on 21 October 2014 and there were two breaches of legal requirements found.

One of these was regarding staffing levels and the other being quality assurance systems.

Fairways provide care and support for 12 people with learning disability, some of whom have complex needs.

A further inspection was carried out on 13 May 2015 and “although some work had been undertaken and the service now met legal requirements, some improvement was still required.”

The report states that staff gave mixed responses about the staffing levels on duty and in response to this the manager took actions to increase staff including agency and temporary staff as well as recruiting new staff though staff records in the service still require improvement.

The report said: “We found action had to be taken to improve the safety of the service saying to improve to ‘Good’ would require a longer term track record of consistent good practice.”

When inspectors looked on the duty rotas, it was recorded that there were five staff on the majority of morning shifts and between two and three on the evening shift with identified sleeping in staff. However on some occasions there were three or four staff on duty in the morning and two staff on duty in the evening.

There were concerns with staffing levels and the quality of people’s care plans, which had not been identified by the quality assurance plans.

It was found that a tool for the service which was used to review the service delivered to people had not been completed since November 2014. Additionally there was a service improvement plan which had not been completed since July 2014.

It was concluded that the quality assurance systems “had been used to help develop and improve the service, although some of the record keeping for this continued to require improvement.”