Explosives found in Brid

House on Springfield Ave were the Explosives were found'PA1108-14
House on Springfield Ave were the Explosives were found'PA1108-14

EXPLOSIVES have been removed from a property on Springfield Avenue by bomb disposal experts.

Munitions, including hand grenades, shells, and many other explosives from the Second World War, were discovered on Tuesday last week, before bomb disposal experts arrived on the scene on Wednesday morning just as last week’s Free Press went to press.

The discovery was made when the house next door to the empty ATS tyre garage on Springfield Avenue was being prepared for sale.

A Bomb disposal team from the Army’s Catterick base attended the scene.

Det Sgt Steve Shanks, of Bridlington Police, said that the landlord of the property, a former licensed firearms dealer and collector, had left the items in a workshop at the back of the property more than twenty years ago.

“Police spoke to the owner of the property, who has fully co-operated with enquiries. It looks like he simply forgot he had put them there all those years ago,” said Det Sgt Shanks.

“The discovery was made on Tuesday and police watched the property overnight as the EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) team from Catterick could not attend until Wednesday morning.

“It’s important to let people know that we are not dealing with a terrorist and this is not a bomb making facility.

“The items were taken to the beach at Fraisthorpe early on the afternoon of Wednesday and destroyed using a controlled explosion.”

Due to their age, the items were in a bad condition and it is therefore difficult to tell whether they would have still been dangerous.

The bomb disposal team returned to the property later on Wednesday, between 4 and 4.30pm, and removed more items.

These were taken away by the disposal experts for further investigation.