Exclusion zones for Rugg

Gareth Rugg
Gareth Rugg

EXCLUSION zones may be introduced to stop prolific offender Gareth Rugg from re-offending once he is released from prison.

Rugg, formerly of Great Meadow Road, Bridlington, was jailed for 13-months last week for going on the rampage in Driffield and causing around £9,000 of damage to property and vehicles.

It was the latest in a string of crimes which have seen the 31-year-old fisherman clock up 236 offences in the Bridlington and Driffield areas.

After his jailing, a Humberside Police spokesman said that the force would look at ways of banning Rugg from certain areas of both towns upon his release.

He said: “The police and the Probation Service have worked hard to try to integrate Mr Rugg into the community.

“We have worked in conjunction with partner agencies to offer him support to change his ways.

“Sadly, Mr Rugg has chosen to continue to cause upset and disorder within the community and has subsequently been sentenced to prison for his wrong doing.

“Upon his release, the police will be working with the probation service to look at enforcing exclusion zones in the Driffield and Bridlington areas as part of his license conditions to ensure that he cannot cause anymore disruption to the community.”

Rugg had previously been given an ASBO which he breached seven times and in court last week Judge Michael Mettyear said that the fisherman had ‘one of the worst records I have seen in my life’.