Woman who fell over Brid speed bumps calls for them to be removed

Carole Hopkins shows off her bruised arm, caused by falling over a speed bump.
Carole Hopkins shows off her bruised arm, caused by falling over a speed bump.

A WOMAN who was left battered and bruised after falling over speed bumps near the town centre has called for them to be removed before someone else gets hurt.

And her calls have been reinforced by former Bridlington mayor and current town councillor Cyril Marsburg who has been campaigning to have the speed bumps removed for several years amid fears that it is only a matter of time before they cause a fatality.

Carole Hopkins, 54, ended up with a lump on her head and a bruised arm after falling over the speed bumps on Marshall Avenue while out shopping.

“I was going to cross the road and was putting my glasses away and the next thing I knew I was sat in the middle of the road,” said Carole, who was left shaken by the fall and attended Bridlington Hospital for a precautionary check up.

And Carole is one of dozens of people who have been injured on the same spot.

Coun Marsburg has been campaigning to have the speed bumps removed or at least converted into one long speed bump for several years and has renewed his plea for something to be done before someone is fatally injured.

“It could be fatal,” said Coun Marsburg, who lives just feet away from the speed bumps.

“They are deceiving, even I have fallen over them. They are higher than they look,” he added.

Coun Marsburg said the site had been visited by officers from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on two separate occasions in the past three years.

But the only action taken so far is white lines have been painted around the bumps.

Darren Saul, who owns Bridlington Stationery opposite the speed bump, said at least one person a week falls over the speed bump and over the past few years they have helped countless people who have injured themselves falling.

“We have had ambulances and paramedics here, we are often going out with chairs to get them to sit down and recover and we have had them in the shop while relatives come to pick them up,” he said.

“The kerbs are so sharp we have had wagons shred their tyres when they hit them so what sort of injuries would they do to someone’s face?” he added.

A spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said they have not received any recent complaints about the speed bumps but they painted white markings around them following concerns raised back in 2009.

“The council would advise people not to cross the road at this point which is adjacent to parking and not suitable but to use the designated crossing point nearby at the junction of Marshall Avenue/Chapel Street which has tactile paving and dropped kerbs,” he added.