Wind farms could be in town’s view

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Six proposed turbines which may be built near Driffield could be seen from as far away as Bridlington according to documents.

The company behind the idea, East Coast Wind Energy (a subsidiary of West Coast energy) wants to build a wind farm of six wind turbines on land east of Long Lane, Nafferton.

The turbines, which would be 115m high when the blades’ tips are vertical, could provide up to 18 megawatts of powers – potentially enough to supply 18,000 homes with electricity every year.

The company is undertaking a scoping study with the council to assess the potential for the generation of electricity from wind energy on land.

According a map depicting the turbines’ zone of theoretical visibility, the structures could be visible from Bridlington and as far away as Kingston Upon Hull

The report by West Cost Wind energy went on to say both adverse and positive local effects of the wind farm will be evaluated in an environmental assessment process.

The company said opportunities for local business involvement and local employment will also be addressed.