THREE tonnes of rubbish collected in Bridlington waste amnesty

Council staff with some of the items collected at the waste amnesty.
Council staff with some of the items collected at the waste amnesty.

MORE than three tonnes of rubbish was collected in 
Bridlington during a two day waste amnesty.

Televisions, fridge freezers, mattresses, beds, rolls of carpets, sofas, microwaves, chairs and chests of drawers were among the items deposited by residents in the waste amnesties held last Thursday and Friday.

The waste amnesties were staged by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council as part of its drive to improve the environment by targeting fly tipping, littering, dog fouling and increasing recycling while reducing waste going to landfill.

John Skidmore, head of the council’s streetscene services said the positive response from the public had exceeded expectations.

“These were the first waste amnesties we have held in Bridlington and the result was better than expected,” Mr Skidmore said.

“Residents really entered into the spirit by bringing out unwanted bulky items like mattresses and furniture for us to take away for free,” he added.

The amnesties took place in the car park of the leisure centre, on Gypsey Road and in the ten-foots at the back of Holyrood Avenue and Haslemere Avenue.

Residents were able to dispose of up to five bulky waste items for free rather than having to pay out the £28 it usually costs for the Council’s bulky items service.

The aim of the campaign was also to increase the amount of waste being sent for recycling by pushing what is put into the blue recycling bins.

The Council are now looking into whether or not the amnesties will be held again in Bridlington.

Mr Skidmore added: “It is much too early to say if we will do it again because we need to monitor whether the amnesties met our aims, which were to improve the local environment by reducing fly tipping and helping to increase recycling and greater use of the blue bins.”