The climate change column with Barbara Atherton: Why not check out and cut your carbon footprint?

Ne’er cast a clout till May is out is the old saying. But really! Does this saying still hold?

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:15 am
More people are turning to electric or hybrid vehicles.

Do you wonder why it’s called global warming when it’s freezing in May?

It refers to the overall surface temperature of the earth, which is being determined by all the greenhouse gases (like CO2 and methane) that prevent the heat from escaping.

This is but one aspect of climate change, which unfortunately is also causing the tropical Gulf Stream to slow down and be unable to push the icy water back out to sea as it approaches Western Europe.

Climate change campaigner Barbara Atherton.

All across the world there are droughts and floods and unseasonable weather.

Individuals, councils, businesses, international conglomerates – all have a carbon footprint that needs to be to reduced.

A person’s carbon (or environmental) footprint is made up of all the carbon that is released through their actions and choices.

Calculate your own footprint on this link:

Once I twigged what was happening with the weather, I just wanted to ignore it.

It frightened me!

But what’s the point of running round like Chicken Licken (remember him?) shouting “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” when an acorn fell on his head.

But what else what could I do?

Well, just like a good walk clears the cobwebs, so getting involved (voluntary or whatever), cheers the spirit.

I tracked down the best alternative energy company offering 100% green electricity: some of these are not as 100% as they claim and I also had to find the cheapest (Ecotricity and Good Energy are the best, but pricey.)

I found Peoples’ Energy in the end.

I feel I’m doing my best!

I missed out on the Government’s Green Grant this time but I recently got a letter asking for my details and I do hope to be offered a voucher for an Air Source Heat Pump. Personally, I think they should be free for everyone, and maybe they will be one day soon.

Let’s look at some positive actions out there: supermarkets are providing decent options; many of us are trying a plant-based diet and quite liking it!

Some are trying an electric or hybrid car.

Even Amazon are getting electric delivery vehicles! The buses are filling up again.

There are plenty of free-range eggs and poultry etc.

Dairy farms are not all intensive production lines.

We can get enough information to be able to make up our own minds, from the internet, TV and Mary!

Yes, a vegan Mary, always smiling (and happy to give information and advice if asked), is still keeping her lunchtime vigil in King St (about six weeks now).

Come pouring rain or struggling shine, you will find her – giving up her lunchtime to chat and handing out leaflets asking people to contact their councillors (with a list of suggestions why); and a carbon footprint one as well.

All free of course; and everyone still smiling!