Rubbish amnesty days to clean up Bridlington

John Skidmore.
John Skidmore.

WASTE amnesties are to be held in Bridlington as part of a council campaign to combat fly-tipping, littering and dog fouling.

The move comes just months after the Free Press launched its ‘Let’s Clean Up Brid’ campaign in response to growing concerns from readers over the rising tide of litter and dog fouling in the town.

John Skidmore, East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s head of streetscene services, said: “This campaign and the waste amnesties are a response to those residents who have been telling us they want to be able to have more pride in their area and be able to recycle more.”

The first waste amnesty will be held on Thursday, October 4, in the car park of Bridlington Sports Centre in Gypsey Road, from 4pm to 7pm.

The event will be particularly for residents living in the Gypsey Road, Leys Road, Wentworth Road, Medforth Road, Field Road, Prickett Close, Little Beck Road, Leys Court, Wayside Road and Wayside Crescent areas.

The second waste amnesty will be held on Friday, October 5, in the ten-foots at the back of Holyrood Avenue and Haslemere Avenue from 4pm to 7pm.

That event will be for residents living in Tennyson Avenue, St George’s Avenue, Holyrood Avenue, Haslemere Avenue, Blackburn Avenue, Travis Street, Lansdowne Road and Lansdowne Crescent.

Residents will be able to get rid of up to five bulky waste items, such as mattresses, fridges, cookers and old furniture for free in the council’s skip vehicles rather than paying out the usual £28 that is charged.

Vouchers to enable residents to take part in the amnesty will be popped through letterboxes in the coming weeks and will need to be presented on the day to have access to the council’s waste collection vehicles.

The campaign is also aimed at increasing the amount of waste sent for recycling, keeping it out of landfill and cutting the landfill tax bill, by pushing up what is put in the blue recycling bins.

The spotlight will be on putting in the blue bins items such as glass bottles and jars, paper, washed and squashed plastics and tins, empty aerosols and Tetra Pak food and drink containers.

Recycling officers will be going door to door in the above named areas offering to help residents with what to put in their blue bins.

Mr Skidmore said: “By using the blue bins for recyclable things like glass and paper, we could save on money that is used on landfill tax.

“That is money that could be better used on other council services than paying to put waste in a hole in the ground.”

For every tonne of waste the council sends to landfill, there is a £64 tax, which has being going up by £8 a tonne every year and next year will cost £72.

Over the last couple of years that has amounted to millions of pounds spent on just the tax to landfill East Riding’s waste.

Any street or group of residents who would like help with their recycling or wants to know more about preventing waste should ring 01482 395586.