How clean is water in the Gypsey Race?

Equipment has been installed on the bridge

The number of people going for a paddle or a swim in the sea off Bridlington may be dropping off as the temperatures dip, but work is ongoing to make sure the bathing water is as clean as possible.

Equipment has been set up on the bridge in St John’s Walk to test the Gypsey Race, which flows into the harbour.

Water levels are low after a dry summer

Monitoring is carried out from May to September and so far, the results are looking positive.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “We are currently carrying out investigations in Bridlington as part of the Yorkshire Bathing Waters Project for 2018, which includes the installation of continuous water quality monitoring equipment on Gypsey Race to identify whether any pollution is entering the harbour from this watercourse.

“We are pleased to say that so far the equipment has not shown any issues.

“We are also looking at activities in and around the harbour that may have a negative impact on water quality.

The equipment is testing water quality.

“As well as improving water quality at our beaches, we work hard to make sure water quality does not drop. This includes carrying out additional investigations to get a better understanding of any activities that can impact the bathing water.”

Danes Dyke is rated ‘excellent’ for water quality and South Landing, Bridlington North, Bridlington South, Wilsthorpe, Fraisthorpe and Skipsea, are all classed as good.

“Big steps have been taken to improve water quality over the last 20 years, but there is always more to be done,” added the spokesman.

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