Fog brings more migrating birds to Bempton Cliffs

A redwing.
A redwing.

THE recent foggy weather may have forced Prince Andrew to cancel his visit to Bridlington this week but it has not stopped some feathered visitors dropping in.

Over the last few days RSPB Bempton Cliffs has been flooded with migrating birds, blown there by north easterly winds. And the thick fog and rain along the coast has persuaded them to stick around for a while.

“There are birds in their thousands, on the cliffs, in the surrounding fields, hedgerows and along the length of the Yorkshire Coast,” said Ian Kendall, who manages the nature reserve between Bridlington and Filey.

“The birds left Scandinavia in glorious sunshine but as they crossed the North Sea, they flew into this horrible fog and rain, so they stopped off at the first bit of land they have come across.

“Luckily for us, that’s Bempton Cliffs, where the birds are now feeding and getting their energy back. The place is literally dripping with them at the moment”.

Goldcrests, the UK’s smallest bird, have arrived in huge numbers, along with song thrushes, fieldfares, redwings, blackbirds, robins and black redstarts which have stopped off at the reserve on their way south to warmer climes.