Fly-tippers target shop’s car park

Martongate Co-Op Carpark'Recycling Bins, a Mattress dumped on top of the bins'PA1246-4
Martongate Co-Op Carpark'Recycling Bins, a Mattress dumped on top of the bins'PA1246-4

A MATTRESS was illegally dumped on top of a recycling bin in the car park of a Co-op store by fly-tippers.

The mattress was found on top of a large recycling bin for shoes and clothes in the carpark of the Co-op supermarket on Martongate, Bridlington, on Tuesday.

The car park is owned by the Co-op but the recycling bins are owned by another company.

Resident, Janet Reeder, 70, said: “Some stupid, horrible person has dumped a mattress. It just shows how horrible people are nowadays.”

She called for the council to provide more information on how rubbish can be disposed of, for people who do not have transport to dispose of waste at the tip.

Mrs Reader said: “The council have done a marvellous job with the three recycling bins.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “In this instance, the fly tipped mattress was on the Co-op’s land but we would remove it for them if they asked us to do so.

“There is no excuse for fly tipping waste. Dumping waste like this costs our council tax payers tens of thousands of pounds every year to clean up. We will prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping.”

The tipping comes months after East Riding Council warned Bridlington residents to be extra vigilant about fly-tipping, which is thought to increase in the winter months.

John Skidmore, head of the council’s streetscene services, said: “The illegal fly-tippers get bolder when it is dusk and dark because it is more difficult for passers-by to see the registration plates and descriptions of the vehicles.”

The council also held a number of waste amnesties in the Bridlington area for residents to dispose of large items free of charge, as an attempt to reduce landfill and decrease fly-tipping. The council’s bulky items service normally costs £28.

A spokesperson for The Co-operative Food said: “We reported the fly-tipping as soon as we became aware of the problem earlier today (Tuesday November 13) and have arranged for the waste to be removed as a matter of urgency.”

Fly-tipping is illegal in England and can be reported to East Riding Council on 01482 393 939.

Householders who need to be rid of bulky items like mattresses should visit the council’s website to access their bulky waste collection service.

The Environment Agency offers an instant waste carrier validation check on 08708 506506 for any householder wanting to check an authorisation.