Bridlington residents given chance to have their say on proposed high voltage energy link at Wilsthorpe

National Grid has unveiled proposals for a new project that could see a high voltage energy link come ashore at Wilsthorpe

Friday, 26th March 2021, 10:20 am
Updated Monday, 29th March 2021, 10:03 am
The SEGL2 project could bring renewable energy from Scotland, under the North Sea, before coming on land near Bridlington. Picture Tony Johnson.

Bridlington residents will be able to have their say on the project, which will deliver renewable energy from Scotland to Yorkshire, when a consultation process begins next week.

The proposed project is a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) energy link called the Scotland to England Green Link, or SEGL2 for short, and is part of National Grid’s and the Government’s plans to shift the UK’s energy supply away from polluting forms of energy such as coal and fossil fuels.

SEGL2 would bring renewable energy from Scotland, under the North Sea, before coming on land at Wilsthorpe.

The link will then run underground for around 65km and connect to the national grid at Drax.

An online exhibition, held on the project’s dedicated website, opens on Monday (March 29) and will run for four weeks until Friday, April 23.

Attendees will be able to learn about the proposed project in detail, share feedback, and participate in live Q&A sessions and video drop-in calls.

National Grid will host three live chat Q&A sessions on the project website. These will take place on:

Tuesday March 30, 4pm to 8pm

Wednesday March 31, 8am to noon

Thursday, April 1, 1pm to 4pm

During the third and fourth weeks of the consultation period, National Grid will also host live video drop-in sessions where attendees can hear from members of the project team.

Neil Lyons, National Grid’s SEGL project director, said: “Consultation feedback is important to us and plays a significant part in influencing our plans.

“It helps us to understand what different stakeholders, community groups, landowners and organisations feel is most important and how we can improve our proposals.

“We encourage everyone to get involved in our consultation process, it is the best way to share your views and let us know what you think about our proposals.”

Neil Lyons, National Grid’s SEGL project director, added: “Yorkshire’s coalfields once provided the energy that powered Britain and the area continues to be at the heart of the UK’s energy industry. With the development of SEGL2, the area will continue to play a crucial role, bringing cleaner, greener energy to Britain’s homes and businesses.”

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