Bridlington businesses are reducing plastic use

Businesses are making steps to cut down on single-use-plastics
Businesses are making steps to cut down on single-use-plastics

Businesses in Bridlington are looking to cut down on plastic usage as support grows to protect our coastline.

Last week, the Bridlington Free Press backed calls to prevent marine litter and cut down on the use of plastics.

The campaign has received a wave of support from residents and businesses with many sharing their clean-up stories and asking what they can do to make a difference.

Richard Preston of Richie’s Cafe Bar, on the south Promenade, spoke of his plans to cut down on plastics.

“We use polystyrene trays and cups and now we are looking at moving on to cardboard to to reduce our environmental impact,” he said.

“I’m not a fan of a tax on plastics. I’m not sure if a tax is going to stop people littering. I would prefer to see fines imposed.

“In Scandinavian countries I believe they hand out some hefty fines of £500 to £1,000 if people are caught littering.

“I think if people were fined it would stop them ever doing it again.”

The cafe is also looking at imposing a deposit for plastic glasses which are used during busy summer months.

“It was something that was used for the Tidal Waves festival and it worked really well,” added Richard.

“It’s got to be an amount that people will want to get back, if it was just 5p I don’t think people would bother to bring them back.”

But the cafe owner says it also comes down to the consumers to make sure they dispose of their waste properly.

Planetwise, a vegan shop in Prospect Street, has been selling eco-friendly products since it opened almost two years ago.

Owner, Mary Elliott said: “We sell a lot of eco-friendly products here that people who aren’t necessarily vegan but want to do their bit to help the environment come in for.

“These include recycled toilet paper, cotton buds with paper stems rather than plastic, we don’t sell single-use-plastic water bottles here – if someone asks for a drink I’d give them one from the tap.

“We have refill bottles of things like washing up liquid, anti-bacteria spray, hand wash and more. People then only have to buy one bottle and they come back in and get that topped up for a reduced price.

“I think we need to do what we can to cut down on plastic consumption all together and stop overfishing our oceans.We are dredging our oceans and creating deadzones.

“The vegan diet proves that we don’t need fish or any meat to be healthy.”