El Gringos, Bridlington: A filling, tasty feast 
for me and my amigo

El Gringos Bridlington'Eating out feature.'NBFP PA1517-4a
El Gringos Bridlington'Eating out feature.'NBFP PA1517-4a

Bridlington is a traditional seaside town which is renowned for its range of choices when it comes to fish and chips.

However, in the town centre sits a Mexican restaurant which gives you a different flavour for the palate at a reasonable price.

El Gringos is situated on Bridge Street in Bridlington and the appearance of the outside gives it a rustic charm which entices you as you walk past.

The 70-seater restaurant continues its originality as you walk inside and we were shown to a table upstairs where our drinks order was taken.

The decor is a little dated in the restaurant and being sat in front of a mirror seemed to make my friend a little obsessed with her appearance.

We booked ahead of our appearance at the restaurant. On this occasion it was not necessary, though I have been to El Gringos before when it has been packed out so I would urge future customers to book in 

El Gringos serves a mixture of both individual and shared starters with a great selection. Individual starters include Chilli Poppers (£4.95), Barbecue Wings (£4.50) and famous nachos (£5.50).

In the knowledge of the generous portion sizes, we decided to split an individual potato skins between us. They were filled with three cheeses and scallions with a side salad and sour cream.

They were a great light and tasty starter which had us then in the mood to tackle something a little more adventurous.

When asked for our main course, we had the option of having our meals mild, medium or hot. The medium we both chose and this was a justified choice with the food being at a perfect heat for someone who is not a huge fan of spicy food.

We went for the Chimmichanga which is a crispy tortilla stuffed with chicken chilli, cheese and topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

The chicken was succulent and the crispy tortilla shell was packed full of vegetables and flavour. The crispy tortilla is a change from the traditional counterpart and it is something which is well worth a try.

I decided to go for the Three Amigos which was made up of three enchiladas with chicken, beef and vegetarian topped with enchilada sauce, melted cheese and sour cream.

Both dishes were served with a mountain of Mexican rice, black beans and a salad.

Just looking at the plate makes you think, how am I ever going to get through that?

For the price of £12.50 for the Three Amigos, I thought that was a bargain. There was certainly a huge portion of food on the plate and it was 
delicious, despite the waitress probably thinking otherwise due to the amount of food left between us.

With not finishing my main course, I did what my parents always told me, “you don’t get pudding if you don’t eat all your main”. I literally couldn’t eat another bite of anything. Considering the amount of food consumed, the bill represented great value.

The atmosphere at the restaurant was rather quiet which was disappointing, though I think that was more down to the timing of our arrival than anything. I would definitely 
return to El Gringos for another taste of what North America has to offer.

Overall Rating: 7