Eighty years on, Amy Johnson back at Sewerby Hall

Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson

Sewerby Hall and Gardens will be hosting a special event on Wednesday June 1 – 80 years to the day since the hall was opened to the public by legendary aviator Amy Johnson.

On that day, the opening ceremony will be recreated, as an actress playing the part of Amy will be returning to the hall in her original car and delivering her opening speech at the doors of the hall just before 11am.

After the speech, Amy will visit the hall and mingle with visitors for photographs and conversation.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a special lunch in the Clock Tower Cafe with items from the original menu from 1936, and there will be live music from the era.

Visitors young and old will be able to make and fly paper aeroplanes all day and see the Amy Johnson collection in the hall – featuring newly-acquired items of Amy memorabilia on display for the first time, including a leather map case made especially for Amy; a map of North America; glass lantern slides; and a wax cylinder recording of a speech she gave in Australia.

Rob Chester, education officer, said : “This will be a very exciting day, evoking that great occasion 80 years ago when around 15,000 people saw Amy Johnson declare the Hall and Gardens open.

“We are particularly looking for anybody who may have been there on June 1, 1936 – if you were there, please get in touch.

“Or do you have any photos or memorabilia relating to Amy at the Hall and Gardens?

“If so, we would love to see it and perhaps include it on our special day.”

Contact Rob Chester on rob.chester@eastriding.gov.uk, or call him on 01262 673769.

Normal admission prices will apply on that day.