Students end year in style with art and fashion show

Elland Hill with mayor, mayoress and deputy mayor - Cllr Colin Croft, Cllr Bridie Croft and Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens

East Riding College’s end-of-year art and fashion show Creativity Matters saw several workshops and classrooms turned into exhibition spaces.

The campus on St Mary’s Walk, showed off a selection of artwork, designs, sculptures, photography and fashion projects produced by the college’s students.

The 'Action Shots' gang

The exhibition was held alongside the Action Shots exhibition, a series of work produced by school pupils from Bridlington who took part in a short introductory photography course run at Bridlington Club for Young People by professional sports photographer Leo Francis.

It was organised to encourage young people to consider higher education and encourage them into the arts.

The opening night was attended by the mayor and mayoress, Cllr Colin Croft and his wife Cllr Bridie Croft alongside deputy mayor Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens.

Tracey Murray, head of art and design at the college, said: “I think it’s fair to say the students have produced another excellent and inspiring show this year.

Tutor Zena Boreman (2nd from left) with her Foundation students

“The dignitaries and the students’ families who also attended the opening night were all very impressed with their work.

“Bridlington has a small but lively arts community, and it’s great to see the new talent emerging in the town being recognised and celebrated in this way.”

Fashion student Elland Hill, aged 18, from Bridlington was having a double celebration after hearing she is a finalist for Art and Design BTEC Student of the Year.

Elland, who is heading to Manchester Met to study fashion design in September, said, “I was really shocked when I heard I was nominated, never mind being a finalist.

“I wasn’t too well behaved at school and got labelled as a bit of a troublemaker.

“When you hear you won’t amount to much enough times, you start to believe it.

“Coming to East Riding College was a last chance for me and I am so glad they gave me the opportunity to prove myself.

“You’re treated like an adult and get a lot more freedom and I’ve loved it from the start. It’s changed my life.

“I can’t quite believe things have turned out this way and I’m off to uni in September.

“My family are really proud.”

Next year will see the first exhibition from the college’s HNC Fashion students, a university-level course due to be offered at East Riding College’s Bridlington campus from this September.

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