Speaking out for youth

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Headlands School have something to shout about after a team of pupils won a district Youth Speaks competition.

The competition, ran by the Rotary Club, was contested by a total of eight schools at Hull University who had to test their speaking and presentation skills on a chosen topic.

The Headlands team, made up of Charli Dardzinski, Isabelle Marshall, and Andrew Studholme, came out on top as they spoke about ‘Depriving the Future Generation’ which focused on the lack of prospects for young people in Bridlington.

Each team member takes one of three roles: chairperson, speaker and vote of thanks.

Chairperson Andrew introduced the project and linked the team’s presentation before closing proceedings. Isabelle had six minutes to speak on their chosen subject before answering a question from the audience. Charli was then the vote of thanks who remarked on both the content of the speech and the response to the question.

The judging panel look into the speaking and presentation skills of all three roles as well as the ability to answer the question and team work before coming to a verdict.

Headlands director of community, Mr David Stamper, said: “We knew that our topic and all the hard work that we put in meant we had a good chance. The team held their nerve, they absolutely smashed it.

“Andrew did a great job of introducing the topic. Isabelle was amazing and as I looked around the audience I could see them all gripped and listening intently. She spoke so fluently and every single word was clearly enunciated. Charli was also incredible and used her voice so well to ensure the audience kept listening.”

There was also an individual award for the best speaker in the competition which was won by Isabelle. The team won £400 for the school and came away with trophies.

A representative from the Rotary Club, Peter Carleton, said: “I was impressed with the quality of presentation, the quality of the material and the enormous enthusiasm of your team stood out and I just hope they continue to produce this performance to win the competition. Whatever you are doing at Headlands you are obviously doing it right.

The school will now go to Leicester for the semi finals.