Silver surfers all enjoy school quiz

Headlands Silver Surfers - quiz winners Eileens and Jessica
Headlands Silver Surfers - quiz winners Eileens and Jessica

THE Silver Surfers group of mature ICT students met once again at Headlands School earlier this month.

The members met at the school for ICT training, a three course meal and a competitive internet-based quiz about historical Bridlington.

Questions ranged from “Which famous author first saw the sea in Bridlington?” (Answer: Charlotte Bronte) and “When was Samuel Standidge born and why was he famous?” (Answer: he was a whaler and born in 1752)

The winners of the quiz were Bob Crowe and partner Lottie Grey, a Year 8 student at the school, and new member Eileen Hepworth and partner Jessica Tate. They all won £5 Argos vouchers.

The group was treated to a meal prepared by GCSE Hospitality and Catering students and included pork and cheese bites; mini meatballs and cranberry; spinach and goat’s cheese tortilla nibbles; smoked mackerel pate and melba toast; and mushroom and ricotta tarts with pepper pesto - topped off with lemon drizzle cake and baked fruit cheesecake.

ICT director Chris Withers gave a presentation on image manipulation and Chris took the students and adults on a virtual historical tour, explaining how images of figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Josef Stalin were altered for political and propaganda purposes - and how Photoshop is used to manipulate images today.

The group were then shown video clips of Photoshop at work and how magazines alter the look of the rich and famous - including Madonna and tennis player Andy Roddick - with the implications of this desire to look perfect discussed at length by the group.

The Silver Surfers group are pensioners who visit Headlands to meet students and learn more about modern technology.

The group members thanked the hospitality and catering team, led by Mrs Hanson, Chris Withers and the Headlands Community group of students - James Taylor, Ben Doherty, Annalisa Bowtell, Jess Tate, Lucy Waites, Lauren Walker, Lottie Grey and Lucy Baxter.

If you are a pensioner and are interested in joining the group, contact Ian Wormald on 01262 676198, leaving a contact number with the main office, or email him on