Not again - heartless vandals damage play house at school for second time

The house has been damaged for the second time in a few months.

Staff went back to school this week – and discovered an outdoor play house for pupils had been smashed up during the summer holidays.

It is the second time in three months that the Wendy house at Martongate has been damaged and the school is again hoping parents and local businesses will rally round to help with repairs.

Teaching assistant Gareth Cartwright and school business manager Jo Ward at the wendy house which was hit by vandals.

The damage was discovered on Monday when staff went into work to prepare for the new term.

Teaching assistant Gareth Cartwright said: “They have completely trashed it, smashed all four windows and the door.

“There was equipment taken from inside, like a till system that the kids loved playing with, pretending it was a McDonalds, and the cushions stink of smoke.

“The children who start school this week won’t be able to use it or the area around it.

Addison Stamper looks at the damage. Pictures by Paul Atkinson.

“This is the worst condition it has been left in.”

Last year, Martongate used a grant from the Tesco Groundworks scheme to buy the large house to allow its youngest pupils, aged four and five, learn outside. It even has road markings around the house so children can pretend it’s a drive-thru McDonalds.

But just before the end of the summer term, staff found that the doors and windows had been smashed and vandals had scribbled all over the walls.

The house, and the area outside which has road markings for children to ride bikes on, was out of bounds until former Martongate pupil Josh Bradley, from Northern Log Cabins in Driffield, offered to repair the house and make a new door.

Other businesses have also donated in the past and Gareth said: “Parents are always doing as much as they can to help but it is so disappointing to have to keep spending on repairs.
“And once it is repaired, you are worried it is going to happen again.”

The matter has again been reported to the police, although it is not clear when the vandalism was caused.

After the earlier incident at the start of the summer, Gareth said: “So much time, effort and money has gone on the outside provision and I am gutted for the kids as they love playing in there.

“We will not let the mindless vandalism deter us from giving the best possible environment for the children to learn and flourish.”

Any tradesman who can offer to help with repairs can call the school on 673975.

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