New head to use sports principles to help school

Kate Parker-Randall
Kate Parker-Randall

Kate Parker-Randall has been confirmed as the new headteacher of Bridlington School and has said her ‘no-fail attitude’ will lead it on to greater things.

She has been acting head of school since September and was offered the top job after two intensive days of interview panels, presentations and competency tasks.

The governors offered her the position, having seen how she has been a key member of the school’s senior leadership team over the last eight years.

Recent results showed that the school had the best Progress 8 results, which measures the progress made by GCSE students over five years, in the whole of Yorkshire and the best of any non-academy school in the UK.

But Kate is keen to lead the school to even higher standards.

She told the Free Press: “No one person can bring this about This is down to all the hard work and commitment of our amazing students, their parents and carers, and our staff team of which I am a part and also proud and privileged to now lead.”

She arrived at Bridlington School eight years ago as assistant headteacher, with responsibility for the schools specialism when it was a designated sports college.

From a very early age, Kate knew she wanted to be a PE teacher and went into teaching because she wanted to change lives.

She said: “It was early on in my career that I realised that sport could be used to improve a huge range of positive attitudes, attributes and skills, I understood the power of coaching and coming alongside an individual to help them achieve their hopes and dreams.

“This is a core principle for me. I have also developed a deep-rooted belief which comes from the world of sport that better never stops.”

Before arriving in Bridlington, Kate was Head of PE and Head of Year, followed by Director of Learning for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 at her previous school in Coventry.

She added: “I enjoy striving to be the best I can be and helping others be the best they can be.

“I have a no-fail attitude. I believe there is no reason that any person should let their difficulties or challenges be the thing that defines them, but their ambitions, hopes and dreams should.

“This is why I wholeheartedly believe in setting and striving towards aspirational targets.

“For me it is a calling and conviction to reach out and empower others to rise to their own challenges.”

She replaces Sarah Pashley, who has become Principal Designate of the Ron Dearing University Technical College in Hull.

Sarah said “I am absolutely delighted that Kate has got the permanent headship.

“I know, more than anyone, what the job entails and I am convinced that she is the right person. Kate and her new leadership team will now be able to take the school forward on to even greater heights.”