First intake of students for new academy

Sophie Glenton with members of the panel
Sophie Glenton with members of the panel

Students hoping to become the first members of a new medical academy in Bridlington have been given a grilling by an interview panel.

East Riding College has teamed up with local GP surgeries and other health bodies to try to develop future doctors, nurses and carers.

Student Daisy Noble with members of the interview panel

Student Daisy Noble with members of the interview panel

Aimed at 16-to-18-year-olds who are pursuing a health and social care qualification at the college, the academy is a new initiative which provides the teenagers with mentors.

It has been established to try to fill a shortage of qualified staff in the town.

The first cohort of students faced a panel of managers from City Health Care Partnership and East Riding Social Services.

Mark Keen, head of early years and health and social care at East Riding College said: “We conducted our first interviews this week and we were pretty tough on them.

“A place in the academy is not guaranteed and I was really impressed by the professionalism of the students.

“They were enthusiastic and ambitious, with a clear idea of their future careers.

“This bodes well for Bridlington, where there is a shortage of healthcare professionals and where organisations sometimes struggle to recruit into health and care roles.”

The Medical, Health and Social Care Academy also involves the University of Hull, as well as representatives from the voluntary and private care sector.

Students will have access to regular seminars led by health and social care professionals, such as nurses, dieticians, social workers and carers.

There are only limited places available, but the college is still on the lookout for ambitious candidates.