Can you help to name the college new boy?

Handler Luke Brown with one of the hawks which works at the college site.
Handler Luke Brown with one of the hawks which works at the college site.

You’re never too young to learn, but at 14 weeks old, East Riding COllege’s newest recruit must be a record breaker.

Another Harris hawk will soon be patrolling the skies above the campus in St Mary’s Walk, to deter seagulls from nesting in the grounds. T

Although he is already in training, he doesn’t even have a name, and the public have been asked to decide what he should be called.

The hawk’s owner, Lee Steele from East Yorkshire Pest Control said, “We are training a young hawk to work alongside our team of hawks and falcons already used at the campus and he still doesn’t have a name, so we thought we would ask the college, who have opened it up to the public.

“He is still a young bird at 14 weeks old, but is in training at the moment, and will be in the sky above Bridlington soon enough.”

East Riding College has struggled to scare off seagulls since its new building was constructed in 2009. During the project, more than 300 tons of topsoil was accumulated and seagulls started to nest at the construction site.

Even now, they sometimes attempt to return to raise their young but hawks fly around the campus almost daily to deter gulls and pigeons from settling at the site.

To enter your suggestion, visit East Riding College’s Facebook page or tweet @ERCollege using the hashtag #ERChawk

The winning name will be chosen by EYPC, who have already ruled out Hawky McHawk-face.