Bugsy: ‘A massive success – Jodie would have been proud’

They promised it would be their best show ever – and Bridlington School students delivered.

Their production of Bugsy Malone, held over three nights at The Spa last week, earned rave reviews from audiences.

The cast and crew

The cast and crew

While their feedback was important, the cast and crew’s main ambition was to put on a spectacular evening which would have made a popular teacher proud.

Jodie Cappleman died in February, but staging Bugsy Malone had been her idea.

She had been determined to put her mark on a show to remember, after returning to work following illness.

But she picked up an infection during her recovery which proved fatal, and students vowed at her funeral to carry on her work.

Some of the cast

Some of the cast

Nina Hardy, head of performing arts at the school, said: “The show went extremely well. Comments from the audience were that it was amazing – the best we have done and Jodie would have been smiling.

“The splurge guns and cream pies were a big hit and after the last show the staff and students had a splurge fight on the seafront outside the Spa, much to the amusement of the exiting audience.

“Jodie would have loved that, she was so full of fun and she would have been in the middle.

“She would have loved the costumes and set. We themed it pink in her memory.

“The cast bought and presented us with a memorial extra large cup and saucer from Pot-A-Doodle-Doo that had quotes from the show which they had added and signed all their names.

“It also had a pink flamingo drawn on which was the symbol we all associated with Jodie so it was a tear-jerking moment.

“Overall, it was a massive success and one which she would be very proud of.”